At Steel Machine we want to maximize your strength and power in the gym so you can stay active, mobile and free of pain outside the gym. Correct strength and power development can influence your ability to move and function with greater confidence. Regardless of your age or athletic history, you have the potential to get stronger and move better. 

Compromises shouldn’t be made when it comes to your health and movement. We strive to provide information based on science and real hands-on experience.

Our goal is to provide you with a more educated approach to training that will make you stronger, more powerful, improve your athletic performance, and overall quality of life.

We are committed to providing to you our most effective training programs and techniques. Your commitment is what will help maximize the benefits of our programs.

who we are

Dr. David Ablack, DC, MSc, BEd, BSc | Chiropractor

Dr. David Ablack has been coaching Olympic Weightlifting and incorporating these disciplines into strength and power programs for over 30 years. He has helped numerous professional, semi professional, national, world, and elite level athletes over the years. These include the NHL, NFL, CFL, Canadian National, and Olympic teams in figure skating, sprint canoe, synchronized swimming, bobsleigh and more. 

Dr. Ablack’s approach to training, health and wellness is a trifecta: good nutrition, proper, technical training to increase strength, power and function, and soft tissue treatment to optimize mobility and rehabilitation. He is trained in ART, acupuncture, dry needling and combines hands on techniques with modalities during his sessions. Dr. Ablack is passionate about helping people improve their functional movement patterns, their strength and their power, with a science based approach.

Tiana Ringer, MSc(A)PT, BSc(Hons) | Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist, strength trainer, and former athlete, Tiana immediately discovered the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting in 2015 when she started training and learning from Dr. David Ablack. Tiana  specializes in the biomechanical analysis of movement and integrates 18 years of experience teaching and training various athletic disciplines into every therapy session. Her skills diversify from intensive classical dance training, bodybuilding, group fitness training, martial arts, professional wrestling, and aerial acrobatics. She believes in proper technical instruction and execution of movement to prevent injury and reduce pain.

As a therapist Tiana has treated national and professional level athletes in hockey, football, dance, gymnastics and more. She uses a combination of manual therapy techniques including muscle activation, acupuncture, dry needling, fascial stretch therapy, and soft tissue release combined with nutrition and strengthening. Tiana is passionate about her practice and helping people move away from pain towards optimal function.

Tiana operates the Steel Machine website, is in charge of communications, and brings the workouts and training methodologies of Dr. David Ablack to you.

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